Whole 30…. Actually Whole 13.5

We decided to do a whole 30.  Actually my husband decided to do a whole 30.  I decided I wouldn’t give up peanut butter or my half of a whole wheat English muffin before my work outs so I didn’t follow it.

But I had to cook and prep breakfasts, lunches and dinners as if I did.

So here is how it worked.

Hubs picked one lunch he thought he could stand to eat all week, and one breakfast casserole.  This way it was a Sunday night of prep work between making the casseroles and getting lunches mostly prepped except for some last minute chopping of avocados and eggs.


Here is a breakfast casserole.  On the first layer I cooked some ground Italian sausage, and chopped up a sweet potato.  Then I loaded the top with tomatoes, zucchini, onions and bell peppers.  Next I scrambled 12 eggs, added some almond milk, salt and pepper.  Then dumped the egg mix on top of the veggies and meat.

In the oven it went for 45 mins at 350 and…viola…


It was a delicious breakfast for 5 days!  I just sliced it up into 5 strips, put them in a Tupperware container…..easy peasy!!

So here is our disclaimer:

One- It was not a whole 30..  More like a whole 13.5.  Hubs dropped the weight he wanted and was ok with being “done”.

Two- I did not sacrifice on my budget for “sugar free or no sugar added” items.  Ok well I did once when I bought some coconut oil for a dessert after the first week.  But a tiny tub was $5.  Then I also bought some Aminos that was $6 which was literally 3 times the low sodium soy sauce.  So when it came to bacon for a salad I was making, that was $8/ pack, that is where I drew my line.  I bought regular sugar added bacon and didn’t care if my ground sausage had additives in it.  I have a family of 5… I have to budget accordingly.

Three- I ENJOYED the whole 30 dinners.  My kids like things plain and not mixed together.  So a lot of the meals really satisfied the kids’ taste buds.  However, instead of zoodles (which I grew to LOVE) and spaghetti squash (another new found LOVE) I would make them regular noodles.

In fact I Liked the Dinners so much so that for the last two weeks (which would have been the end of the whole 30) I have been planning a lot of whole 30 meals…or meals that are close to them.

Last night in fact we had an AMAZING butternut squash and carrot soup I found from the peas and crayons blog! It was so easy to make and SO delicious!  So much so that I spatula licked my magic bullet clean after blending the roasted veggies up!

Anyway,  even if your whole 30 turns into a whole 13.5 like mine did, maybe you’ll find some amazing recipes and new goodies like spaghetti squash that will turn into some favorite meals.






Skinny Taste!

Wow I am such a bum!  End of summer is here and we got so busy that I forgot to post last week.  Well we weren’t in town, but then I forgot on top of that!

This week is another busy one as we begin our formal home-school year next week!  I am getting everything ready curriculum wise and getting things ready for my kindergarten gal also.  We had to find her a desk that would go down our basement stairs, and get her all set up.

But alas, I have something I want to share with everyone!  Ready?


Gina has this wonderful website called, you guessed it,  Her recipes are light and simple!

You know what the best part about her recipes are?

  1. I don’t screw them up
  2. Easy…hence I don’t screw them up

My husband is not a fan of one my cooking, and two of the light meals I cook.  The recipes at are full of flavor that you are pretty much kidding yourself by thinking they are healthy!  We have yet to find one that has not been a winner!

This website has made my cooking nightmare go away.  When dinner is good, my hubby asks, is this from that skinny website again?  🙂

Check Gina’s website and try a meal!  You won’t go wrong!

Boring to Bling

I am cheap.  I am cheap and therefore I am plain.  I like to buy plain shirts and dress them up with necklaces and reuse them rather than have a large wardrobe.  Cheap necklaces mind you…but necklaces nonetheless.  Likewise, I can’t always spend hours on my half curly hair through straightening it every day after a shower.  The curling iron tends to help hide my post exercise and unwashed hair.  I also tend to get compliments on my simple, but complimentary outfits.

In this post I will take my nasty imperfect post exercise hair and change it into better kept hair.  I will also take the same boring shirt, and change up the look with different necklaces

First the hair-


Now, I did not straighten the roots or any part of my hair before I curled it.  I curled it in 10 minutes.  Ha ha notice the grease from my sweaty head?


Here are the necklace pictures.  Each necklace has a different purpose and a different style.  A lot of my necklace choices depend on my mood.


Lastly, if I was a shoe person, heals, sandals, tennis shoes etc. totally change your look.  However, curling and the necklaces are a great start.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.









The 3 BIG Reasons Why I Exercise at HOME

So I LOVE to exercise.  No, I am not a health nut (in fact I LOVE to bake and LOVE processed junk- judge away, it is true) but I really enjoy exercising.  I started exercising at home at  age 16, when my parents brought home an elliptical, before they got popular, over 16 years ago.  For some reason I was fascinated with the machine so I started using it during the “off seasons” from my extra curricular activities.

My mother exercised regularly.  Her regular exercise habit is one that I picked up “by example.”  I am grateful for it.  However, when I miss my workouts I get cranky…. over the years I have become accustomed to my endorphin high every morning I guess.

Fast forward 10 years and I now have 3 kids.  Their ages 4, 3, and 1 and I am well… still working on that baby weight, living as a poor, beginning career family, so my time and resources are limited.   But I needed to fill that exercise void.

Chalene Johnson and her turbo workouts then entered into my life.  All I needed was a DVD player and a living room.  No mat, no work out equipment, just me and my TV.  Since then, and for the last 5 years, I have enjoyed working out with Chalene on a regular basis.  In fact, I just finished up week 12 of her Turbo Fire work outs and I am feeling good.

I have tried other at home work outs.  I needed something to do when I had a spare 20 min and needed to move my body when it’s below freezing outside.  This is when I got my bike trainer. A bike trainer makes your every day bike a stationary one.  I have it set up in my garage and at times I find 20 mins to escape.  It helps me refocus and gives me some “me” time without leaving.  Many times I read while riding, chat on the phone with a friend or watch Grey’s Anatomy.  My trainer also allows me to get out some frustration or gives me a place for “time out” when it’s needed.  And trust me it IS needed.

Figuring out how to work out at home without buying a home gym has helped me immensely.  It has improved my mood, my health and my overall well being.  Which leads me to my 3 reasons why I work out at home:

  1. CONVENIENCE– If you find a way to work out at home you can do it at your own pace, on your own, time and however it works for you.  I frequently wake up early or stay up late to work out.  Sometimes I even work out in the middle of the day if I have time.  This way I don’t have to rely on my husband to be home to watch the kids, or find a babysitter to just make it to the gym. I am boss and choose my own time to do it.Also, I live in a place that gets super cold in the winter.  All my work outs can be done indoors, which allows me to not give myself too many excuses as why I shouldn’t work out.

    Plus, lets talk not even get into the time it takes to get ready to go work out at a gym, do a kid swap with whomever, drive there and do all that on the way back.  Totally, not convenient….

  2. MONEY SAVER– Have you ever looked at a gym membership?  Yes, My Turbo Fire DVD set with 10 work outs was 100$.  But my 12 week program at 35ish dollars per month is cheaper than any gym I could find around my area. Plus, it’s Chalene Johnson… can you really put a price on her?Work out apparel is another money saver…. I don’t have to find work out clothing that looks great to wear at the gym.  Pajama pants some days with a tank work just fine.  Hair a mess… just fine.
  3. VARIETY–  The internet has opened up a whole new variety to workouts.  HASFIT, MYFITNESSPAL, and are just a few, FEW of the MANY, MANY sites and aps that bring workouts to your home.  Even beachbody is in the middle of a trial of their online site, in order to bring more variety of workouts to your home.  You are not just stuck with what is at the gym or what a trainer at the gym knows.Plus if you do purchase a workout like PiYo or P90X you can cycle through those work outs that you’ve already paid for and switch it up a bit.

Anyway, there are more reasons why I work out at home, but they all seem to be a variation of these  three big categories.  Let me know if you agree with me or why you think it’s better to go to a gym.  I have friends who swear by going to the gym and feel they need to get out, which I totally understand.



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