We (Anastasia and Drezella) met in 2008, in Moscow, Idaho while both of their husbands were completing degrees at the University of Idaho.  We instantly clicked and felt as if we knew each other forever. Even though we only lived in Moscow for 9 months we have been able to keep our friendship over the years.  It’s really special to find a friend, who can be your friend, even when you don’t see them that often or only have blurry Disney pictures together.

Anastasia is a Marine wife, and fantastic mother of 4!  She has lived overseas twice, delivered a child while her husband was in Iraq, has had a VBAC, started a business, has overcome panic attacks, is a fantastic cook, cleans like crazy, and Disney fanatic!  She has been married for 12 years to an incredible guy, and is deeply involved in MOPS, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Anastasia recently obtained a part time position as an event planning assistant (her future career path) and loves people and all the energy they bring to her life.

Drezella is the wife of a “traveling salesman” and mother of 3!  She has lived in a small town all her married life,  was able to nurse 1 child to one year of age, “self taught” Dave Ramsey to get out of debt, failed at starting a business, loves Chalene Johnson’s Turbo workouts, loves to bake.  Drezella has been married for 10 years to her college sweetheart,  has learned how to fix things that frequently break when her husband is gone, and for the most part keeps to herself.

The 7 Dwarves: Our Kids 2014


Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Doc, Dopey, Sleepy and Grumpy

We decided to name our kids the 7 Dwarves on our blog… why? Cause we love Disney and there are 7 kids.  They kind of go with their names, but not exactly.  Grumpy is adorable and full of life but has a short temper, Doc is the oldest and therefore has to be the wisest, Happy is happy most of the time, Bashful is on the bashful side, Sneezy has a mild case of hay fever, Sleepy needs his sleep, and Dopey is the youngest and is so silly!

The last time the kids were together was in 2014 in Idaho.  This year though, the Drezella and her kids are headed to California for 4 weeks to visit!  The countdown is on til Oct 18th!  Then we will hopefully have some better and updated pictures!