We decided to do a whole 30.  Actually my husband decided to do a whole 30.  I decided I wouldn’t give up peanut butter or my half of a whole wheat English muffin before my work outs so I didn’t follow it.

But I had to cook and prep breakfasts, lunches and dinners as if I did.

So here is how it worked.

Hubs picked one lunch he thought he could stand to eat all week, and one breakfast casserole.  This way it was a Sunday night of prep work between making the casseroles and getting lunches mostly prepped except for some last minute chopping of avocados and eggs.


Here is a breakfast casserole.  On the first layer I cooked some ground Italian sausage, and chopped up a sweet potato.  Then I loaded the top with tomatoes, zucchini, onions and bell peppers.  Next I scrambled 12 eggs, added some almond milk, salt and pepper.  Then dumped the egg mix on top of the veggies and meat.

In the oven it went for 45 mins at 350 and…viola…


It was a delicious breakfast for 5 days!  I just sliced it up into 5 strips, put them in a Tupperware container…..easy peasy!!

So here is our disclaimer:

One- It was not a whole 30..  More like a whole 13.5.  Hubs dropped the weight he wanted and was ok with being “done”.

Two- I did not sacrifice on my budget for “sugar free or no sugar added” items.  Ok well I did once when I bought some coconut oil for a dessert after the first week.  But a tiny tub was $5.  Then I also bought some Aminos that was $6 which was literally 3 times the low sodium soy sauce.  So when it came to bacon for a salad I was making, that was $8/ pack, that is where I drew my line.  I bought regular sugar added bacon and didn’t care if my ground sausage had additives in it.  I have a family of 5… I have to budget accordingly.

Three- I ENJOYED the whole 30 dinners.  My kids like things plain and not mixed together.  So a lot of the meals really satisfied the kids’ taste buds.  However, instead of zoodles (which I grew to LOVE) and spaghetti squash (another new found LOVE) I would make them regular noodles.

In fact I Liked the Dinners so much so that for the last two weeks (which would have been the end of the whole 30) I have been planning a lot of whole 30 meals…or meals that are close to them.

Last night in fact we had an AMAZING butternut squash and carrot soup I found from the peas and crayons blog! It was so easy to make and SO delicious!  So much so that I spatula licked my magic bullet clean after blending the roasted veggies up!

Anyway,  even if your whole 30 turns into a whole 13.5 like mine did, maybe you’ll find some amazing recipes and new goodies like spaghetti squash that will turn into some favorite meals.