Would you like to know how EASY communication is with your spouse during work ups?

SO easy….

It’s easy because I don’t expect it!

My husband was home 9 days last month.  In and out, here and there.  He even had to pull all nighters during a brief time he was home to get ready to head out again.  Everything about anything last month was unplanned and last minute.  It drove me batty!

When are you coming home? Wait you’ve been home 3 days and your’e leaving again?  Where are you going?  Why can’t you tell me? The kids want to talk to you, can you call when they’re awake?  Why are you in the same town as me but can’t come home!?  Can we just have a conversation?

Needless to say, while he was gone we tired different ways to communicate…

At first we tried Facebook messenger to communicate but that was using up all our data and when we could reach each other communication was choppy and most of the time cut off.

Then my husband tried calling me via Skype.  You can call internationally using Skype, by calling a land line (notice this is not the face time you both have an Internet connection type thing).  This worked better for the connection, but only he can call me.  I cannot call him back…. Once again everything falls on his time.

Lastly, there’s the email.  Tried and true email.  At least our connection doesn’t get cut off, I can work it in without taking up all my data, and I can initiate a conversation.  But really?  Men don’t exactly write detailed emails.

“Yes, sounds good,” “How are the kids?” “Love ya babe.” “Talk to you soon!”

Really, talk to me soon? You get my point….

Would you like to know which way was the easiest way to communicate….

To forget about it!  I have decided to pretend like he’s really gone for good.  Not in and out or reachable.  No expectations.  No plans.  No “I can’t do …. because he may call” or we can’t do this without dad.  Just when he’s not home he’s gone.

See, and that expectation right there is why communication during workups is a  piece of Cake!