I love summer.  There are so many reasons why I love summer.  I could talk days about the better weather, I love to be outdoors, flexibility, the beauty, fun water activities, late nights, late mornings and easy school.

Easy school? Yes, I home school. Summer though, had some math, reading, six weeks of more “fun” lessons and projects then came camps.  When the kids had week after week of camps we eliminated the formal lessons and just stuck to chores, math and reading.  It was easy.  It was flexible.  It was less intensive for me!

Last year was the first year of home schooling a 3rd grader and a 1st grader.  It was a huge adjustment.  A lot of tears and frustration, but definitely fun also.  I liked knowing exactly what they were doing and what kind of instruction they were getting.  They also enjoyed it as well.

This year enters my kindergarten child.  She is more rambunctious than most and more of an “independent thinker” than my others… if you know what I mean.  Yesterday was the first day of “fall school” and it was miserable.

I lost my cool, there were tears from the kids and my youngest had some major chore duty yesterday because she just wouldn’t be respectful….

So…NOT how I pictured my first day back going.  I rarely have days where I am “done” and need time to myself, but yesterday was one of them.  I was spent, it was over, I was mad and grumpy.  (However, for the first time in 12 years I was able to relay that I had a sucky day, I wanted to be left alone and was probably grumpy- without getting mad at him for whatever…so that was a plus)

Anyway, new day….

Today is day 2.

Here we go…