Wow I am such a bum!  End of summer is here and we got so busy that I forgot to post last week.  Well we weren’t in town, but then I forgot on top of that!

This week is another busy one as we begin our formal home-school year next week!  I am getting everything ready curriculum wise and getting things ready for my kindergarten gal also.  We had to find her a desk that would go down our basement stairs, and get her all set up.

But alas, I have something I want to share with everyone!  Ready?


Gina has this wonderful website called, you guessed it,  Her recipes are light and simple!

You know what the best part about her recipes are?

  1. I don’t screw them up
  2. Easy…hence I don’t screw them up

My husband is not a fan of one my cooking, and two of the light meals I cook.  The recipes at are full of flavor that you are pretty much kidding yourself by thinking they are healthy!  We have yet to find one that has not been a winner!

This website has made my cooking nightmare go away.  When dinner is good, my hubby asks, is this from that skinny website again?  🙂

Check Gina’s website and try a meal!  You won’t go wrong!