1. Disney lets you bring in your own food-  Yes, you can bring your own food into the parks!  This can help cut costs for your family since most plates at the walk up windows cost $10.
  2. Disney will refill your water-  When my family and I went we packed water bottles into the park.  Not one water bottle per each person, but multiple water bottles for each person!  Finally a security guy who was checking our bags told us Disney will refill your water for free where there is a tap, or ice water available! Too bad it was our last day on our trip when we found that out…
  3. Phone Number Note Card-  We wanted a method to be able to locate our kids if they got “lost”.  We put our phone numbers on a piece of paper and then stuck the paper in the kids’ back pockets.  Just remember to  switch out the phone numbers or add them each day to new clothes.  Once again, we got separated from our oldest and forgot to replace the phone number card!
  4. Go Early-  It is worth it to GO EARLY!  Don’t sleep in.  Crowds are heavy from 12 to dinner time.  It is worth getting up early, being there when the parks open, and leaving the parks to take a nap midday if necessary.
  5. Hit Big Rides During  Parades and Fireworks-  If you have multiple day passes and have kids who are willing to skip some parades and fireworks, some of the big rides can be accessed during those times.  We were able to get on the 7 Dwarf ride at WDW and Winnie the Pooh at 7pm in the middle of the fireworks.  We walked on to Winnie the Pooh, and the 7 Dwarves ride took us 10 minutes to get on.
  6. Learn the Fast Pass System-  Disneyland Fast Passes and WDW Fast Passes work completely differently.  WDW has a newer online system where your passes need to be electronically completed before you get to the park.  The Disney land system includes physically redeeming fast passes at each ride before time to use them.  The passes save a lot of time so learn to use them before you get to the park.
  7. Plan Ahead-  Obviously if you are reading this it is because you want to know more about Disney to help your upcoming trip.  However, many people in the parks do not plan and spend a lot of their time discussing what to do next, where to go, and how to use the fast pass system.   Take some  time to look up other tips and maybe check out a book from your local library about Disney trips!  It greatly helps!