I thought in this post I would add some of the benefits to being a Disney AP holder.

  1. Bragging Rights– How cool is it to be a Disney AP member?  Super cool….
  2. February–  February is AP month at Disneyland.  Each week in February there is a different theme to the week, with different freebies to give away.  We tried to make it to Disney each week during AP month to really soak it in.  There are tables all over with AP activities for the kids, free popcorn stands, coloring tables and some amazing SWAG.  In fact we picked up so much swag, I sent some to my good friends in Idaho to share the AP love.
  3. Private Events– ok the events aren’t private, but there are “pass holders only” events.  For example, last time Laura came down to visit me, we had a mommy day at Disney.  But at closing time, AP members were able to go to this party in Tomorrowland while we had to leave the park…
  4. Secret Character Sneak Peaks–  At Baymax’s debut in the park, AP members were able to meet him  first before he was announced to the “regular” park goers.  My kids were so excited and needless to say it was pretty cool being one of the first people to “meet” Baymax!
  5. Refillable Drink Cups or Popcorn Buckets–  AP members get certain other perks during the year like this refillable popcorn bucket, or a refillable soda cup.  We were able to purchase an AP popcorn bucket cost $15 to buy and each refill was $1.  With 4 popcorn loving kids, we refilled that bucket over 20 times!  Do the math yourself, just to fill it 4 times at regular cost is $60!  That’s insane!
  6. The Magic–  Since we got to spend so much time at Disney this year, we were able to take advantage of special events going on in the park, that as a random visitor, you may not do.  For example, there were park wide Easter Egg hunts, Disney style.  You got a map and had to find different character eggs throughout the park.  Now this was something everyone could do, but really if you only have 4 or 5 days at a Disney park, are you going to spend your whole time looking for eggs or getting on Splash Mountain?  This was probably THE biggest benefit to season passes, being able to enjoy the magic.

So there are six very important factors to consider besides just cost when thinking about Disney Annual Passes.  There is always something new to be discovered.

Remember “There’s no magic in magic, it’s in the details.” – Walt Disney