YES of course!!!!  Ok, ok, ok, I LOVE DISNEY!  But if you are thinking about getting an Annual Pass (AP) then you must live close like I do.  In this post I break down the cost of a Disney AP done right!

We live about 1 hour 15 mins to Disneyland.
That means from my driveway to being parked.
Here’s the breakdown of cost:
$329 per pass per person X 6 persons =$1974
This pass gets you into both Disneyland and Caifornia Adventure parks 170 days of the year. However, that is never on weekends, major holidays, or summer. But that’s okay! Those are times that Disney is always more crowded and summer is too hot.  Fall is our favorite time to go!
A lot of school districts have half days during the week.  Ours has half day Wednesdays! I pick up my kids from school at 1pm, with lunch in tow and off we go to Disney.  With our passes, we can only go during the week, so any days off or half days we head to Anaheim.
JUST using this pass 8 times makes it worth it.
We have gone about 25 in the last 6 months. Now with our pass level, the California resident basic pass (cheapest possible) you do NOT get free parking.  So we need to add in the cost of parking which is $18 each time.
Here’s a break down of per person per visit cost with parking included.
25 visits X $18 parking = $450
Total pass cost per person + total parking so far =$2424
$2424÷25 visits÷6 people = $16.16 per person per visit. And once summer is over we have at 15 more visits planned out if not more until our passes expire in November.
So really the per person cost is minimal for a day of fun. Not just any fun, but DISNEY fun (which trumps all fun in my opinion).
Granted that calculation doesn’t include gas.  We are talking here just Disney cost.  Next year, we are going to spend the extra money for one pass to have parking paid for.  At our rate, this year we will have paid more each time for parking, than we would have had we bought a parking pass for a child. As long as that child was always with the adult that went parking would have been free.

This post was mainly about the numbers.  Look out for my next post about the actual benefits of being a DISNEY AP MEMBER!