I love having the kids at my house.  I can keep an eye on them.  I know they are safe.  I understand my kids, their needs and love having them around.  Then friends come over.  I love my kids’ friends, I do.  However, 4 kids plus 1 friend each is 8 kids… plus sometimes there are extra kids on top of the extra kids. Needless to say things end up getting pretty chaotic.

The chaos inside just absolutely drove me batty. The snacks everywhere, in and out kids, the noise from the video games, the craft remnants strewn throughout the house.  The cleaning aftermath was insane.   One day I realized, I needed a place for my kids and their friends.  There was my “ah ha” moment.  The GARAGE!


I am fortunate enough to live in California.  Moderate weather is abundant all year around. So the video games and craft stuff was moved into the garage!  There (in my garage) is a tv for both the x box and Wii.  There (in my garage) is the craft table with all the supplies imaginable to make a child’s wildest creations come true.  There (in my garage) is also a mini fridge (found on craigslist) filled with drinks and a microwave (another craigslist find) stocked close by with popcorn.

Alas, the chaos was contained to outside my house.  I don’t have to worry about the mess as often.  Nobody is tracking in and out of my house (with the exception to the bathroom).  And the noise is reduced!

Now we just need a porta potty in the garage and we would be good to go!