I am cheap.  I am cheap and therefore I am plain.  I like to buy plain shirts and dress them up with necklaces and reuse them rather than have a large wardrobe.  Cheap necklaces mind you…but necklaces nonetheless.  Likewise, I can’t always spend hours on my half curly hair through straightening it every day after a shower.  The curling iron tends to help hide my post exercise and unwashed hair.  I also tend to get compliments on my simple, but complimentary outfits.

In this post I will take my nasty imperfect post exercise hair and change it into better kept hair.  I will also take the same boring shirt, and change up the look with different necklaces

First the hair-


Now, I did not straighten the roots or any part of my hair before I curled it.  I curled it in 10 minutes.  Ha ha notice the grease from my sweaty head?


Here are the necklace pictures.  Each necklace has a different purpose and a different style.  A lot of my necklace choices depend on my mood.


Lastly, if I was a shoe person, heals, sandals, tennis shoes etc. totally change your look.  However, curling and the necklaces are a great start.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.