Camping is difficult to pack for and stressful for moms.  I have come up with a system to streamline last minute camping to make it fun.  You’ve already seen my easy food post, this is my easy storage post!

I bought a huge plastic tote and stuffed it full with sleeping bags & pillows. This stays packed, so when we decide to go camping it’s ready.  We store our sleeping mats next to this tote.    


A smaller tote holds a change of clothes and a few toiletries.  It’s simple to have the kids toss in their clothes and pop the lid on.  No bags!

I try to keep our camping gear all stored together so we don’t forget anything.  We buy charcoal and just light the bag….we go pop the big huge 12 man tent up.  Unload. Eat and play games for the rest of night.  I have a gallon size size bag of different card games and dice.


 We do simple food like hot dogs, prepped foil pizzas, freezer breakfasts, smores, pre-made cinnamon rolls, bagels, chips, etc.  Anything that requires little time and prep.  Convenient food choices!  However, I didn’t mention coffee.  We brew the coffee the night before and then bring it with us on the camp out.  If you have a kettle, heat it over fire, or drink it cold!

We keep it simple and easy.  My kids love for camping is growing. And it’s  a fairly cheap way to have some good family time.  I dont.mind at all how dirty the kids get.   They love it!