We are continuing our camping series.  Even though this may not be considered a hack, it could at least be considered a camping revelation.  It has changed my willingness to camp and opened up a lot of opportunities for our family for the summer!


Here it is…. Ready…


You don’t have to camp in a TENT!


I cannot sleep  on the ground and I have an extremely difficult time sleeping anywhere but my own bed.  Camping has never appealed to me as something enjoyable for those reasons.  I love the outdoors but sleeping outside or on the ground.  Plus, I live in Northern Idaho!  Did you know that its freezing in Idaho until mid summer?  Uh, yeah, I don’t do the ground and I don’t do the cold….so camping, has been a no go.

However, while exploring a nearby state park, we noticed people staying in cabins.  I saw those and told my hubby “Hey, that could change camping for me!”  We went home and researched Idaho State Parks.  Low and behold, there were cabins at most of the state parks in Idaho and nearby Washington!

These particular cabins come with room for 5 to sleep (really you could squish another child), comfortably, a covered area, to keep outdoor things (we put our bikes there) that when it rains you want to keep dry, a table inside, microwave, toaster, coffee pot, shelving and most of all, heating and A/C.

I should also mention that at this particular state park, to rent a cabin was only $50/night…where a tent site was $30/night.  I would pay an extra $20 for a bed, dryness, and comfort all while enjoying campfires, bike trails and hikes!

If you are like me and not a ground sleeper, here is a link that allows you to  find a state park near you.  Check them out and see if you can find a cabin if sleeping in a tent is NOT for you!  Cause it is NOT for me!  However, we have a cabin booked for next weekend because I enjoy camping now!