I love summer time!  One thing I love about summer is camping!  I for one love camping, but as a mom it’s A LOT OF WORK! Pack clothes, the equipment, oh and wait make sure you take all your food with you, have a way to cook it, and a way to clean up the mess from cooking.  Seriously, we almost need a camping dishwasher or something when feeding 6 people multiple times a day.
However, with that all said… I have developed a few methods to make camping easier.

Dinner- Easy prep pizza subs!!!


1 loaf of French bread cut in half sauced, topped and put back together. Cut into 4ths


Wrap each 4th in tin foil.

At dinner time, place them around the fire until they are toasty, do not place on open flame, as they will get TOO toasty.  🙂

Serve and enjoy!  No plastic ware, napkins, plates or pans!  A mother’s dream!!!

Doc enjoying his camping Pizza Sub

Easy peasy!

Now,  remember those super saver breakfasts I was telling you about…..yup! EASY CAMPING BREAKFAST!  I am sure you get how that one all works.