I am all about saving!  Saving money, saving time, saving hassle, and saving frustration.  With just a little prep and a little forethought I figured out how to make breakfast for 4 kids, for 16 days in less than 90 minutes!

Here’s how….
Preheat oven to 450  [everything cooks at 450]
I bought….

2 -4 packs of pilsbury biscuts ($5.70)
2 dozen eggs ($ 2.68)
4 boxes of jimmy dean fully cooked turkey sausage patties ($10.76)

3lbs of oscar mayer turkey bacon ($4.89)

A few things I had at home….
10 veggie chcolate muffins ($7.20)  (These come is a box of 14 at Costco for $9.99)

Some lunch meat (ham, about 10 thin slices),
some shredded cheddar cheese

and some sausage links.


Cook all biscuits for about 8 mins and let cool

Cook bacon in oven as well  5 to 7 mins and let cool

 Now for the eggs:
This is how I make quick eggs
Grab 2 muffin tins, & 2 dozen eggs
Spray with I can’t believe its not butter or Pam
Crack 1 egg per cup
Break yolk by mixing
Top with cheese and diced up ham

Cook about 8 to 10 mins and cool

Grab some ziplock baggies, and fill them up.
These are the combos I made
1 egg cup and 1 biscuit
2 biscuits 3 bacons
2 biscuits 3 sausage links
2 biscuits 2 sausage patties
1 veggie muffin and some meat.


I freeze these baggies.  In the morning, the kids take them out of the freezer, open the baggie and toss it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  The kids get 1 baggie each morning and can choose a piece of fruit to go with it.

I have 4 kids and all this made about 63 baggies which is about 16 days of breakfasts.
Quick, easy and cheap!  63 meals for $31.23 in less than 90 minutes!  Now that’s a Super Saver Breakfast!