So I LOVE to exercise.  No, I am not a health nut (in fact I LOVE to bake and LOVE processed junk- judge away, it is true) but I really enjoy exercising.  I started exercising at home at  age 16, when my parents brought home an elliptical, before they got popular, over 16 years ago.  For some reason I was fascinated with the machine so I started using it during the “off seasons” from my extra curricular activities.

My mother exercised regularly.  Her regular exercise habit is one that I picked up “by example.”  I am grateful for it.  However, when I miss my workouts I get cranky…. over the years I have become accustomed to my endorphin high every morning I guess.

Fast forward 10 years and I now have 3 kids.  Their ages 4, 3, and 1 and I am well… still working on that baby weight, living as a poor, beginning career family, so my time and resources are limited.   But I needed to fill that exercise void.

Chalene Johnson and her turbo workouts then entered into my life.  All I needed was a DVD player and a living room.  No mat, no work out equipment, just me and my TV.  Since then, and for the last 5 years, I have enjoyed working out with Chalene on a regular basis.  In fact, I just finished up week 12 of her Turbo Fire work outs and I am feeling good.

I have tried other at home work outs.  I needed something to do when I had a spare 20 min and needed to move my body when it’s below freezing outside.  This is when I got my bike trainer. A bike trainer makes your every day bike a stationary one.  I have it set up in my garage and at times I find 20 mins to escape.  It helps me refocus and gives me some “me” time without leaving.  Many times I read while riding, chat on the phone with a friend or watch Grey’s Anatomy.  My trainer also allows me to get out some frustration or gives me a place for “time out” when it’s needed.  And trust me it IS needed.

Figuring out how to work out at home without buying a home gym has helped me immensely.  It has improved my mood, my health and my overall well being.  Which leads me to my 3 reasons why I work out at home:

  1. CONVENIENCE– If you find a way to work out at home you can do it at your own pace, on your own, time and however it works for you.  I frequently wake up early or stay up late to work out.  Sometimes I even work out in the middle of the day if I have time.  This way I don’t have to rely on my husband to be home to watch the kids, or find a babysitter to just make it to the gym. I am boss and choose my own time to do it.Also, I live in a place that gets super cold in the winter.  All my work outs can be done indoors, which allows me to not give myself too many excuses as why I shouldn’t work out.

    Plus, lets talk not even get into the time it takes to get ready to go work out at a gym, do a kid swap with whomever, drive there and do all that on the way back.  Totally, not convenient….

  2. MONEY SAVER– Have you ever looked at a gym membership?  Yes, My Turbo Fire DVD set with 10 work outs was 100$.  But my 12 week program at 35ish dollars per month is cheaper than any gym I could find around my area. Plus, it’s Chalene Johnson… can you really put a price on her?Work out apparel is another money saver…. I don’t have to find work out clothing that looks great to wear at the gym.  Pajama pants some days with a tank work just fine.  Hair a mess… just fine.
  3. VARIETY–  The internet has opened up a whole new variety to workouts.  HASFIT, MYFITNESSPAL, and are just a few, FEW of the MANY, MANY sites and aps that bring workouts to your home.  Even beachbody is in the middle of a trial of their online site, in order to bring more variety of workouts to your home.  You are not just stuck with what is at the gym or what a trainer at the gym knows.Plus if you do purchase a workout like PiYo or P90X you can cycle through those work outs that you’ve already paid for and switch it up a bit.

Anyway, there are more reasons why I work out at home, but they all seem to be a variation of these  three big categories.  Let me know if you agree with me or why you think it’s better to go to a gym.  I have friends who swear by going to the gym and feel they need to get out, which I totally understand.